WATCH: Trump on Migrant Crisis, 'Paris Doesn't Look Like Paris Anymore'

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Short transcript:

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Trump: Well probably, probably in retrospect they should have gone in and they should have done something with Assad, but you know Assad is not our biggest problem, because Assad and ISIS are actually fighting. So now, what we're doing is we're fighting ISIS and ISIS wants to fight Assad and some people could say why didn't you just let them fight it out and you take off the remnants. We're stopping, Assad has to say these people are the nicest people on earth they are fighting my enemy but Assad has the benefit of having Russia and Iran protecting him.

O'Reilly: Now that all of these migrants are going to European and being accepted, millions more will come and I think that catastrophe is going to play out over the next six months. Let's go back to the United States

Trump:  Europe is becoming a much different place Bill, I have to say Europe is becoming a much different place. I was in Paris and Paris doesn't look like Paris anymore, you look at what's going on with some of the major cities in some of the major countries in Europe and even before this it's a much different place and I'm not sure that's what they want, but on a humanitarian basis something does have to happen.

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