WATCH: Trump Only Candidate to Score a Perfect 100 in Focus Group of Likely Voters

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Fox News Transcript:

SEAN HANNITY: Why the big turn around? Why do you say that this is not like Ross Perot, if this is real. You've never seen numbers like this in all the years you have done this. What did you find out?...

FRANK LUNTZ: Let me be clear about this. What Trump has done over the last three weeks, is that he's taken his media appearances, taken that language of political correctness and used it as a weapon to challenge those who are opposed to him. And you have 25, up to 30% of the Republican vote, and some Democrats, who are just fed up with the way Washington works, fed up with Wall Street, fed up with the media, fed up with elites and that's why he's doing so well right now...

He has been able to monopolize, even a conversation like this. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Trump voters that will watch this interview right now, either in this airing or the one that comes on later and they will say, Sean, they're tired of politicians who speak in sound bites. They're tired of all these focus group slogans. They want someone that says what they mean, means what they say. 

Now, look, there are weaknesses to Trump too. Veterans still have concerns over what he said a month ago about John McCain. Women still have something some concern about the language that he uses. But overall, there has been genuine movement towards Trump and it's because of his persona, not his policies. 

HANNITY: You said for the first time in dialing he got a 100, a perfect score? 

LUNTZ: When he was talking how badly our veterans are treated in America -- and I am glad that you raised that. When he talked about the fact that the VA still hasn't been fixed our Republican voters thought that was perfection because they believe our veterans should be supported. So that's what's going on right now and Sean.

HANNITY: You've seen a 100 before. 

LUNTZ: Never seen a 100, in this election cycle.