WATCH: Trump, Carson Will 'Have Blood on Their Hands' if Gunman Targets Mosque, Says Jebreal

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CNN Transcript:

DON LEMON: Rula, hold on. I'll let you respond, but I want you to listen to this because right after Carson made his Muslim comments, his business manager, Armstrong Williams which you guys mentioned came on this show and defended him. Here he is.


ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS, BEN CARSON'S ADVISER: I don't think fear should be a place to motivate us, but because we are human and we see what we see and we hear what we hear and we witness -- I mean, Daniel Pearl being beheaded. The Washington Post journalist still in an Iranian jail in Iran, I mean when you see Jews and Christians being kidnapped and beheaded like they have no value for human life, if more people were to be as outraged in the condemnation, maybe Americans would begin to believe that you just outraged by the loss of human life and this kind of horrific, these crimes that...

LEMON: There is a distinction between Islam and radical Islam.

WILLIAMS: Listen, for those -- there are those of us, they embrace -- the issue is yes, there is a distinction, but the Muslim community should do more of condemnation as well as the media.


LEMON: Rula, you've been saying...

RULA JEBREAL: I don't know where this person is living, but that's...

LEMON: Modern Muslims we say -- moderate --excuse me, Muslims are not condemning Muslim extremism...

JEBREAL: I don't know where he's living, I don't know what television he's watching, but he is in total denial. Not only that, he's talking about crimes committed in Iran and Saudi Arabia. What does Muslims in America have to do with that? Why they need to be criminalized because of that? Would we ever accept a presidential candidate that would apply the same rules, would say the same thing about Jews and black? We would never tolerate them, would never respect them, would never even -- even accept them. We will shun them aside. But we accepted against Muslims because sadly, in the Republican base, this is what is appealing to them today.

And not only that...

LEMON: Mercedes.

JEBREAL: ... what happened...

SCHLAPP: I think that...

JEBREAL: Let me finish this, please, because it's very important.

LEMON: Go ahead.

JEBREAL: What happened with Trump, the -- we are discussing the first part of what was said and Trump endorsed which is we have a problem called Muslims, but there's a second part, how to get rid of them. And in the realm of possibility in a country that is very armed that somebody that will be carrying weapon will go to a mosque tomorrow or after tomorrow and would start shooting people and then these people would have blood on their hands, all of them.

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