WATCH: The U.S. 'Can't Be Israel's Rehab Sponsor and Its Drug Dealer'

Comedian Jon Stewart continues his focus on Israel and Gaza; declaring in his latest segment (before it was quickly broken) that the 72 hour cease-fire is something 'a lot of us have been hoping for.'

- דלג

Jon Stewart's latest segment on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza celebrated the agreed upon 72 hour cease-fire, but lambasted the U.S. government for giving more military aid to Israel. Taped in the short window after the cease-fire was announced and before it was quickly broken by ongoing hostility, Stewart began his segment saying, "this is something a lot of us have been hoping for."

Stewart went on to extrapolate as to why Israel agreed to the cease-fire, showing a CNN clip in which an analyst noted Israel has made a request for a military resupply – "maybe the diplomats tackled Israel while they were reloading." Unfortunately, in Stewart's narrative, the U.S. government agreed to resupply Israel, prompting him to declare, "We cannot be Israel's rehab sponsor and its drug dealer! It's not going to work! Just say no!"

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