WATCH: The History of Israeli Music, Lip-synced in a Tiny Car

An Israeli trio marks Independence Day with a local version of the musical medley video that went viral.


Taking a leaf out of the playbook of SketchShe, the Australian trio whose video of American songs through the ages has gone viral with over 23 million views since March, three Israelis are celebrating Independence Day with a video of extracts from Israel's biggest hits.

Squashed like their role models into a tiny car, Adi Havshush, Omri Levi and Sivan Malca, with the help of photographer Matan Turkia, take the viewer on a whirlwind tour through Israeli music, with costumes to match. The songs they lip-sync range from Aviv Geffen and Tzvika Pik to Yizhar Cohen, Mashina and Shlomo Arzi.