WATCH: The Best (Or Worst) of Lindsey Graham's Troubled Relationship With Rhetoric

'Everything I learned about Iranians I learned working in the pool room, I met a lot of liars, and I know the Iranians are lying.'

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Republican presidential candidate U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham onstage to announce his campaign in Central, South Carolina June 1, 2015.Credit: Reuters

On Monday, less than a week after visiting Israel, South Carolina's three-term Senator Lindsey Graham became the ninth candidate to announce a run for the 2016 Republican nomination for president. Graham, an Air Force veteran, who regularly makes headlines for his hawkish rhetoric and quirky sense of humor is branding himself as the "antidote to Obama's failed foreign policy" – making the fight against ISIS, the Iranian nuclear talks and support for Israel cornerstones of his campaign.

John McCain often refers to Graham as his "illegitimate son" and is a close ally on foreign policy issues in the U.S. Senate. Graham is also a close political ally of Jewish Republican heavyweight Sheldon Adelson. Graham 'kicked off' the 2016 political season with Adelson at a March 3rd speech-watching luncheon for Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to the US Congress - the event also served as a fundraiser for Graham's political committee.

Graham's home state of South Carolina goes third in the nominating process, which pundits argue could help to give him an early home field advantage over some of his competitors.

Senator Graham has a long history of imflammotry statements, especially regarding foreign policy. Just this past Friday, Graham grabbed headlines again when he said, "Everything I learned about Iranians I learned working in the pool room, I met a lot of liars, and I know the Iranians are lying."

Here are seven clips of some of Lindsey Graham's best known verbal fireworks:

Graham apologizes after joking about Nancy Pelosi's reaction to Netanyahu's speech to the U.S. Congress

Graham on why Richard Pryor and Jon Stewart are his favorite comedians

Graham and Elana Kagan joke about Jews going to Chinese restaurants on Christmas

"Next president should negotiate Iran deal because Iran does not respect Obama"

"Iraq war was not a mistake," argues to send 10,000 troops back

"I have never sent an email"

"Why in the world would you insist on 67' borders?"