WATCH: Simultaneous Explosion of 350 Land Mines in the Golan Heights

The mines are detonated by the Defense Ministry as part of an effort to clear some of the more than a million landmines in the Golan Heights and along the Jordanian border

Simultaneous explosion of 350 land mines in the Golan Heights.

The Defense Ministry’s land-mine clearing unit detonated about 350 mines all at once in the Golan Heights on Tuesday in an explosion that lasted about 15 seconds.

The army laid most of the mines in Israel after the 1967 Six-Day War, though some were laid by Syrian and Jordanian forces and later washed into Israel. More than a million land mines are thought to be in the Golan Heights and along the southern border with Jordan.

Seven years ago, the Knesset passed a law requiring the clearing of minefields not essential to the country’s security. After the law was passed in October 2010, a boy hiking in the Golan with his family lost a leg when he stepped on a mine.