WATCH: Shots Fired at pro-Israel Peace Rally in Los Angeles

A federal officer fired shots during a pro-Israel peace rally in front of the Federal Building in Los Angeles after a pro-Palestinian group showed up and the two sides began clashing.

- דלג

Clashes erupted in Los Angeles, California Sunday night when a group of men in a truck came to a pro-Israel rally waving a Palestinian flag. Several men were detained after the scuffle in front of the Federal Building in Westwood. According to local reports, "A man who said he was in the truck said the flag was ripped away. When men from the truck attempted to retrieve the flag, there was a confrontation." The incident took place as ongoing fighting between Palestinians in the Gaza strip and Israel continues, with few signs of a ceasefire on the horizon.  

Federal law enforcement officers were on the scene for the rally and one officer fired his gun during the incident. No injuries were reported from the gun fire. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, in coordination with the FBI released a statement saying they will be investigating the incident.