WATCH: Bill Maher on Saudi Arabia Flogging Blogger: 'See, There Are Moderate Muslims!'

On the latest episode of his HBO show Real Time, Bill Maher continued to rip into Islamic extremism making light of the Saudi Arabian decision to delay the lashing of a blogger in order to give his wounds time to recover.


Short transcript:

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BILL MAHER: Meanwhile, over in Saudi Arabia they have delayed the next public flogging. You heard about this? There was a blogger, a blogger who got flogged -- say that 3 times fast -- for insulting Islam and he got a 1,000 lashes. That's the penalty. And of course you can't do them all at once so they gave him 50. They're supposed to give him 50 a week but they found out he still has not recovered from the first 50. So they delayed the next 50. See, there are moderate Muslims.