WATCH: Raw Video of Funeral in Gaza for Family Killed in Airstrike

Video footage shows Palestinian's in Gaza holding a funeral for a family of eight killed in an Israeli airstrike early Thursday morning.

- דלג

AP - Palestinians in Gaza held a funeral for eight members of a family, killed in an Israeli airstrike early Thursday. Israel says it's doing all it can to avoid civilian casualties.

In the latest round of the conflict, Israeli airstrikes targeting Hamas in Gaza hit a mosque and a center for the disabled where two women were killed Saturday, raising the Palestinian death toll from the offensive to more than 120, Palestinian officials said.

The Israeli military said the mosque concealed rockets like those used in the barrage of nearly 700 fired by Gaza militants at Israel over the five-day offensive, while saying it was investigating claims about the other sites hit. However, the strikes in the densely populated Gaza Strip show the challenge facing Israel as it considers a ground operation in the region and potential further dangers posed to civilians.

While there have been no fatalities in Israel from the continued rocket fire, Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Kidra said overnight Israeli strikes raised the death toll there to over 120, with more than 920 wounded.