WATCH: Putin Accuses Turkey's Leaders of Pursuing 'Islamization' of Their Country

In the aftermath of Turkey shooting down a Russian fighter jet, Russian President Putin accuses Turkey of turning towards 'radical directions' related to Islam.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Nov. 24, 2015.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: We see, and we are not alone I assure you, it is seen all over the world, that current Turkish leadership for a considerable number of years has been pursuing an internal policy of islamization in the country.

We are talking about the support for more radical directions which creates a very hostile environment and atmosphere that is not visible at when it is first seen, that is first, secondly, after what happened yesterday, we cannot exclude any other incidents. And if that happens we will somehow have to react to it.

And our citizens in Turkey may be under significant risk and the Foreign Ministry if obliged to inform about it.