WATCH: Politico Discusses the 'Political' Controversy Surrounding the FAA on Israel

The FAA is in the media spotlight for its recent decision to temporarily stop U.S. flights in and out of Israel's Ben Gurion airport; Politico discusses how aviation safety policy suddenly became so interesting.

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The FFA got slammed over the past few days from Republicans who claimed their decision to stop flights to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport was politically motivated. Texas Senator Ted Cruz accused President Obama of using his administration, of which the FAA is apart, of perpetrating an 'economic boycott' against Israel. Cruz argued that Obama was using his regulatory authority to strong-arm Israeli foreign policy.

The clip contains scenes from President Obama explaining the FAA's decision and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg harshly criticizing CNN's Wolf Blitzer for even asking him the question of whether or not the FAA's decision might have been politically motivated. Click to the full site to watch the full video.