WATCH: 'No One Will Be More Pleased Than the White House if Bibi Netanyahu Loses'

On CBS's 'Face the Nation,' USA Today's Washington bureau chief speculated that no one will be more pleased than President Obama if Prime Minister Netanyahu is voted out of office by Israelis on Tuesday.

Obama and Netanyahu during the U.S. president's visit in Israel, March 20, 2013.Credit: Bloomberg

Transcript from CBS:

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SCHIEFFER: What about Bibi Netanyahu, it was such --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He probably not run.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Or maybe. He gave a good speech.

SCHIEFFER: But it was such a big deal when he came over to address Congress and now it seems to be kind of just swept away.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, clearly it didn't help him and maybe it hurt him. But I think what needs to happen here is Tom Cotton needs to write a letter to the Israelis saying we will not recognize the results there unless Netanyahu is returned to power.

PAGE: No one will be more pleased than the White House if Bibi Netanyahu does not get another time as prime minister there.