WATCH: Obama Has Lost Control of His Administration, Says MSNBC Host

Chris Mathews concludes that recent events, including the leak regarding Netanyahu, show he has lost control over his administration, which has turned voters against Democrats this election.

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Chris Mathews on MSNBC's Up With Steve Kornacki
Chris Mathews on MSNBC's Up With Steve KornackiCredit: Screengrab

Transcript from MSNBC's Up With Steve Kornacki: 

Starts at (8:15):

I think he has a real problem the way he takes the office, the way he fills the office. There's only two role models for running the country. Chief of Staff, strong chain of command and you know who the boss is, they could hire and fire down the line. They don't have little White House pip-squeaks dumping on Secretary Kerry, accusing him of being Sandra Bullock, that kind of Mickey Mouse stuff going on right now. So, you have a boss that would know who did that and find out in a few minutes who did it, they'd be out. Obama doesn't do that.

This whole thing with Netanyahu. You think he's ever going to find out who did it? And then you get down -- or you have spokes of the wheel where the president gets up in the morning and has a 100 calls he could make that day. They are all push buttons. I have him. I have him. Kennedy used to do that, before the push button. He would talk to captains in the military during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Obama is neither. He neither has a strong structure of commands, right? Is his Chief of Staff really his Chief of Staff? Really? Or does he have this sense that I want to talk to everybody? So nothing gets controlled. People can feel that lack of control and that's what I think. I wrote it down here. Loss of control. That's why the people are going to vote overwhelmingly against him this Tuesday. 

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