WATCH: Netanyahu 'Mortgaged the Future in Order to Win Reelection,' Says David Axelrod

Former Senior Adviser to President Obama David Axelrod slammed Netanyahu's campaign rhetoric, he was 'willing to do whatever is necessary to keep himself in power.'


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David Axelrod: First let's acknowledge the obvious. Netanyahu is a great politician and no one has ever questioned that. He's always been willing to do whatever is necessary to keep himself in power and in this case it meant running a very divisive campaign at the end, and abandoning his six-year long commitment to a two-state solution to the Palestinian question. So that creates problems because the United States has been the strongest defender and in many cases the only defender of Israel in the international forums where as ambassador Indyk suggested, the Palestinians are likely to go with their grievances and it is harder to defend, when policy is, we are not for a two-state solution and we'll continue to settle the territories. It puts the United States in a very difficult position.

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