WATCH: NBC Scolds Trump on Arabs Cheering 9/11, 'Your Words Matter, Truthfulness Matters'

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Donald Trump defends his removal of a Jorge Ramos, a Univision news anchor, from a recent press conference, Aug 25, 2015.Credit: Reuters

NBC transcript:

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CHUCK TODD: You said you saw this. Nobody can find evidence of this, but the article you tweeted out that said you backed it up, that in itself there were three or four different reports that month in New Jersey that said that it was a myth, a false rumor, FBI, you name it!

Where did you see this?

TRUMP: Chuck, I saw it on televison and so did many other people

CHUCK TODD: In Jersey city? You saw?

TRUMP: I also heard [it happened in] Patterson. I've heard Jersey City, I've heard Patterson, it was 14 years ago. I saw clip, ad so did many other people. And many people saw it in person, I've had hundreds of phone calls to the Trump Organization saying we saw it, dancing in the streets...

CHUCK TODD: This didn't happen in New Jersey. 

TRUMP: It did happen in New Jersey, I have hundreds of people agreeing with me. You have a huge muslim population in Patterson and different places, Jersey City, and unbeleiveable large populations, if they're going to do it at soccer games, all around the world, it was, when the trade center came down it was done all across the world and you know that because it has been reported. Strongly. Why wouldn't it have taken place?

CHUCK TODD: Just because somebody repeats something doesn’t make it true! 

TRUMP: I don't mean I had two calls, I mean hundreds, Chuck. Just yesterday I was in Sarasota, FL, and people were saying they had lived up there and it happened. 

CHUCK TODD: People were saying, people were saying. Mr. Trump, if I say people have said Trump's not worth ten billion dollars and people were saying-- You wouldn't make a business deal based on retweets and hearsay. You're running for president of the united states, your words matter. Truthfulness matters. Fact-based stuff matters.

TRUMP: Take it easy, Chuck, just play cool. This is people in our country that love our country that saw this by the hundreds, they're calling and tweeting... So these are people that saw it too, the Washington Post reported it, many people have seen it. Many people Chuck, I'll tell you, I have a very good memory, I saw it somewhere on television many years ago and I never saw it and it was on television.