WATCH: 'Look Who's Hawking.' Jon Stewart Taunts Obama's New War Posture

'It seems President Obama has surrendered, which means we are going to War,' jested Stewart. Ending on a serious note he offered his take on why the U.S. can't militarily defeat the Islamic State, 'Can't wave a magic bomb.'

- דלג

Jon Stewart's latest show, on the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, took aim at President Obama. Reminding his viewers that Obama had 'been quite measured' in the past when it came to military action, Stewart summarized Obama's new foreign policy approach as, "He went full America, F*** Yeah!"

Stewart pointed to changing poll data on American's support for military intervention to explain why Obama has switched from a policy of containment to degrade and destroy.  He jestes that most American's want Obama to bomb Syria despite the fact that "most Americans can't find Syria on a map." "It seems President Obama has surrendered, which means we are going to War."

Stewart ended the segment on a serious note, breaking from his comedic veil, referencing the 9/11 anniversary, he said: "There is no way to militarily eliminate enough space to keep some terrorists from operating against us, so until this part of the world decides that it irks them that the belief system they hold sacred is being misrepresented to justify a perpetual violence machine, until it starts to see past sectarian lines and national borders, that ok, we drew, I will give you that one. The United States can't fix this, because it can't be fixed by waving a magic bomb."

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