WATCH: Livni Calls on Israelis to Vote for Any Centrist Party

In video address, Hatnuah chairman implores voters to get to the ballot box in an effort to replace PM Netanyahu and his natural allies: 'There are only two ballots – an extremist ballot and a moderate ballot.'

Hatnuah leader Tzipi Livni posted a video Monday in which she calls on the public to vote for one of the centrist parties, despite the failed effort to establish a united front together with Labor's Shelly Yacimovich and Yesh Atid's Yair Lapid.

"I'm aware that many of you think all is lost, all is finished and there is nothing to hope for in these elections, and still I call on you: don't despair, don't give up, we haven't given up. We, those of us representing the center of the political map, the moderate majority that wishes to live here, we still want to struggle for the country's future," Livni said in the video.

"I ask only one thing of you – vote. I would naturally prefer you vote for Hatnuah under my leadership, but it's even more important to vote for one of the centrist parties. In fact, there are only two ballots: an extremist ballot and a moderate ballot. A ballot for Netanyahu and his natural allies, and our ballot, the ballot of the centrist parties. Come out and vote.

Livni also posted the document she presented at her meeting with Lapid and Yacimovich on her Facebook page. Titled "Creating a front of centrist parties," the document includes nine points:

1. Consensus that the Netanyahu government must be replaced by a government headed by centrist parties

2. Coordinated activities until the election and a joint appeal to undecided voters

3. Campaigning only against the government, not against each other

4. The party leaders will undertake to recommend to the president one of the bloc's leaders as a candidate to establish the next government

5. The candidate will be determined immediately after the election results come in

6. If Netanyahu is re-elected, a collectove decision will be taken as to whether to join the government or remain in the opposition

7. No party will enter a right-wing government alone

8. Rrepresentatives will be appointed to coordinate further contacts between the parties

9. A joint declaration concerning the points agreed upon; setting another meeting between the leaders

Speaking to Haaretz, Livni asserted she would not be a fig leaf in a religious right-wing government. She said that if Netanyahu is re-elected her party would not join the government without at least one of the other centrist parties.

"I proposed that we all commit to not joining the government alone, and that a joint decision would be reached – either joining a national unity government or serving in the opposition. It is a complete game changer. This would no longer be a Netanyahu government with a fig leaf. It's a different world altogether. I am of course bound by what I offered. I also said I would recommend one of the bloc's candidates, although they did not commit themselves," Livni said.

Asked if she would join the Netanayahu government if only Lapid's party would, Livni responded: "Why are we constantly discussing who will or won't be part of the Netanyahu government? I want to instill the hope in those that want to replace Netanayahu. It still is possible." Livni underlined that despite the disagreements in the meeting with Lapid and Yacimovich, she still hopes to see a united front of centrist parties before the elections.

"I still see a scenario, where we hold a joint campaign for the centrist parties. It is absolutely necessary, and the undecided public must voice his/her opinion in this matter. It might completely change the election results, what happens the day after, and the type of government established."