WATCH: Livni, 'BDS Movement Is Not for Two States for Two People'

In an interview with the BBC's Evan David, MK Tzipi Livni discussed the impact of the BDS movement, the comparison of Israel to South Africa and the need for the two-state solution.

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Short transcript:

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Livni: There is a huge gap between criticizing a policy or having a debate or asking Israel questions and boycotting and putting sanctions against Israel, which is basically a collective punishment.

David: Did you agree with the sanctions, the equivalent BDS movement against apartheid South Africa?

Livni: If I may, we have sanctions on Iran and I am here to say they should be kept and to remove it at once.

David: What about the South African ones?

Livni: Yes, I did that, but there is a difference because there is no apartheid in Israel.