WATCH: Joy Reid on MSNBC Compares Current Death Toll in Gaza to 9/11

In a segment on her show on MSNBC, Reid declared the '1800 Palestinians dead' in Gaza so far to be 'the population equivalent to 100 9/11s.' Reid also slammed the UN, 'It's clearly not working!'

- דלג

MSNBC Transcript:

"JOY REID: The tears of the U.N. relief agency's Chris Gunness and the serial escalating condemnations of United Nations leaders up to and including Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General, who called the direct shelling of at least six schools where Palestinians were sheltering from the war with Israel a 'moral outrage' and a 'criminal act.' Those condemnations and expressions of outrage have done exactly nothing to protect civilians in Gaza. So far, the war in Gaza has left more than 1800 Palestinians dead - the population equivalent to 100 9/11s, mostly civilians, and including women and hundreds of children, along with 67 Israelis, mostly soldiers." The U.N. keeps condemning the attacks on civilian facilities by the Israel military, and the compromising of U.N. facilities by Hamas, all to no avail, it's been calling for cease-fires and getting basically nowhere. At this point the U.N. can't even protect the civilians hiding in its elementary schools."

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