WATCH: Jon Stewart Slams Netanyahu's Race-baiting, 'How Dare You! That's Our Thing!'

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The Daily Show's Jon Stewart slams Netanyahu for race-bating in the Israeli election, March 18th, 2015. Credit: Screen grab

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart took aim at Fox News' coverage of Prime Minister Netanyahu's surprise victory in Israel's election Tuesday night. Showing a series of clips from the news channel's coverage of the elections, Stewart mocked Fox for focusing on President Obama's reluctance to call to congratulate Netanyahu.

“Really? You find it interesting that a foreign country’s prime minister who came to Congress against the White House’s wishes and shits on a nuclear deal the president spent years working on, wouldn’t receive an immediate post-election atta boy!” 

Turning to how Netanyahu managed to defy the polls and come out on top, Stewart noted that the prime minister had gone "full settler" in the final stretch of the campaign. The host showed clips explaining how Netanyahu made campaign stops in the settlements for the first time, pledged to never support a Palestinian state and in the end turned to race-baiting to drive up his numbers. 

Comedy Central's take on where Netanyahu landed during the election on the Israeli political spectrum.Credit: Screen grab

Seeing some resemblance to American politics in Netanyahu's final rhetorical push, Stewart quipped, “How dare you! How dare you gin up racist fears of minority turnout for short-term political gain. That’s our thing!”

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