WATCH: Jon Stewart's Epic Tirade Against U.S. Mideast Policy

'Every time we send a weapon into the desert, it ends up exactly where we don't want it to end up.'

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Screenshot of Jon Stewart on the 'Daily Show.'

Jon Stewart eviscerated American foreign policy in the Middle East in a ten minute long tirade on the latest episode of the “Daily Show.” Rebuking the latest round of Republican commentators and policy makers attributing the creation of ISIS to President Obama, Stewart rehashed the unintended consequences of the United States’s long history of arming different factions in the region.  

“We spent the 80s giving Saddam Hussein’s Baathists weapons to fight against the Iranians. The ’90s helping Kuwait fight against Saddam’s Baathists that we armed. The 2000s heading a coalition to destroy Saddam’s Baathists, and the 2010s fighting against those very same unemployed Baathists now going by the name ISIS that we originally armed in the 80s to fight Iran.”

Watch the full clip here:

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