WATCH: Jon Stewart's 'Constant Intractable Madness' Bracket for the Middle East Conflicts

Jon Stewart and Bassem Youssef describe exactly who is fighting who in the Middle East right now.

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Jon Stewart and Bassem Youssef use the 'Constant Intractable Madness' bracket to explain the Middle East, April 14th, 2015. Credit: Screen grab

Short transcript:

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Stewart: So the way to figure this out, is this is the Sunni-Shia split? Sunni's always gonna have a Sunni's brother's back?

Youssef: Yes.

Stewart: Yes.

Youssef: Except in Iraq.

Stewart: God.

Youssef: Where the Sunni coalition is fighting alongside the Shia militias against ISIS.

Stewart: This is nuts, is this some kind of new psychological terrorism, where they try to confuse us to death?

Youssef: Let me put this in terms you can understand. You know 'March Madness?'

Stewart: Of course I know 'March Madness.'

Youssef: Good. So consider this 'Constant Intractable Madness,' look how many teams have to play against each other and this is just one division. We are not even to the elite eight yet and American is already in the finals.