WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Sheldon Adelson's Influence Over Republican Politics

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Jon Stewart rips into Sheldon Adelson on the Daily Show. Credit: Screen grab

Short transcript:

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STEWART: I agree there is nothing that looks worse than this, it looks bad, like an ugly mole, even if its not cancer, it is unsightly. Here is the thing, while we are rightly suspicious of foreign donations, we are barely paying attention to what is happening right here at home.

NEWS CLIP: Clinton supporters and Super PACS are trying to raise dollars 2.5 billion dollars

STEWART: 2.5 billion dollars, that is a giant mole. And that's just the tip of the moleberg.

NEWS CLIP: We are in this era of billionaires who can prop-up campaigns single-handedly. Charles and David Koch are making plans to spend nearly a billion dollars. Sheldon Adelson is expected to spend upwards of $100 million dollars. Sheldon can keep a candidacy alive or he can take out somebody else's candidacy.

STEWART: I am Sheldon Adelson. I decide. I decide whether a candidate lives or dies. Honestly, what is this guy, Khaleesi?

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