WATCH: 'Jesus Never Ordered Anyone Killed, Mohammed Did,' Says Republican Congressman

Iowa Congressman Steve King thanked Donald Trump on MSNBC for opening an honest conversation on Islamophobia in the United States.

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Rep. Steve King on Islam vs Christianity on MSNBC
Rep. Steve King on Islam vs Christianity on MSNBCCredit: Screen grab


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HAYES: I was looking today, there’s a piece in The L.A. Times about a paper called The Menace back in 1915 that was railing against Catholics. And it said all sorts of things about Catholics. They are essentially a fifth column, they are crypto-fascists, that they said if “we were compelled to live in this country with Romanists” – that’s their term for Catholics – “the Romanists will have to be taught their place in society.” There were anti-Catholic lynch mobs that came up, huge movements. Was that bigotry, or were they correct back then to look at Catholicism as fundamentally alien and threatening to the American way of life? 

KING: Well, it's difficult to judge people from 100 years ago by today's standards. But I go back into the earlier, middle part of the nineteenth century also. The Know-Nothings were a Protestant movement, and they rejected Catholics and didn't want Catholics essentially brought into America. 

HAYES: But were they right? 

KING: No, they turned out to be wrong. And me being a Catholic sitting here you couldn't get me to say they were right. 

HAYES: But Congressman, that’s my point.

KING: Jesus never ordered anyone to be killed and He never raised his hand to injure anyone specifically. But Mohammed did, and there is a big difference in this.

Rep. Steve King on IslamophobiaCredit: MSNBC