WATCH: Jerusalem Boys Choir Hails Trump as 'Jerusalem's Prince'

Children sing praise for 'Super Trump' in a video montage of the U.S. president

Screenshot from the Jerusalem Boys Choir video.

The Jerusalem Boys Choir released a song about President Trump, in which they praise him as “Super Trump.”

In the video, the group of children sing about the U.S. president’s support of Israel. They’re heard but not seen; the video is a montage of Trump. His headshot flips on screen throughout, as does the video of him standing by the Western Wall. They sing in unison:

“If the whole world stands against us, and only Micronesia is rooting for us. When the sons of Ishmael harm our land, don’t you worry, Trump takes a stand.”

In what sounds like the chorus, the group, which is pictured in the beginning wearing patriotic suits, refers to Trump as “Jerusalem’s prince.”

After a hallelujah, they finish with: “From the city of Zion, for our lord he fights like a lion.”

Three-quarters of American Jews are Democrats, but many Israelis have embraced Trump, citing policies they see as favorable toward the Jewish state, such as moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Several municipalities are contemplating naming public places after Trump.

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