WATCH: Jeffrey Goldberg, 'I Think the Iran Deal Is Going to Go Through'

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CBS News Transcript:

DICKERSON: That was brilliant and a little extra something will be in your pay packet.

On the Iran deal, Ted Cruz, in an effort to find a strategy to deal with the Trump, has locked arms with him. They're going to rally against this Iranian nuclear deal. Update us on where things are in the Senate and how such a rally might affect if not at all Congress' response?

GOLDBERG: Well, a, on the rally, it's very hard to imagine that the combination of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz will move wavering Democrats in any direction except away from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. So it's not -- it's more of a show than, obviously, an -- a vote.


GOLDBERG: Right, a voting strategy. The wind right now is at the president's back. He's going to see this through, I believe, if things remain as they are. And now the issue is, you know, the White House would like to very much avoid having to use a veto. They're looking at filibustering options now. Most Democrats are bandwagoning on to the president's side. So I think the deals -- come the middle of September, I think the deal is going to go through. Every single Republican is voting against it, but that's not enough to stop this.

DICKERSON: OK. All right, last word to you, Jeffrey. Thank you, to all of you. We'll be right back in a moment.