WATCH: Israeli Razor Ad Goes Viral

You won't believe how this man's family reacted after he shaved his beard of 14 years.

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Everyone loves a good surprise, which is why amateur videos of women shocking their husbands with a positive pregnancy test have gone viral on YouTube. As a result, they have become a staple of advertisements for home pregnancy tests. It seems that the bar is set a bit lower for men - they don’t have to create new life in order to star in a “big surprise” video - all they have to do is shave off their beard.

The latest sensation in viral videos is an Israeli razor ad called “My New Face” in which a 44-year-old father named Amit gets rid of his facial hair after 14 years. His wife and children have never seen him without his beard, and the video highlights the fact that at first, his own family members don’t recognize him without it. “It’s a different daddy!” exclaims his young daughter.

Before he shaves, Amit confesses his fears - that with a hairless countenance he will suffer a lack of virility. But the change actually seems to provoke the opposite reaction in his wife Limor, who strokes his newly smooth face with interest.  “I feel a little bit like I’m cheating on you,” she says. “It suits you.”

Presumably, the razor company that produced the video hopes that her reaction will inspire other hairy-faced men to change their look in a way that will promote sales.