WATCH: Israeli Policeman Beats a Bound Resident of East Jerusalem

A Palestinian who was arrested on suspicion of throwing rocks in the Temple Mount compound is seen beaten while lying down; Police says it is investigating the matter.

A video shot last week and uploaded to Youtube in recent days shows an Israeli policeman punching an East Jerusalem resident in the face, despite the latter being handcuffed and lying on the ground.

Police arrested Hassan Afifi on suspicion of hurling rocks and assaulting security officers after Friday prayers last week at the Temple Mount compound. In the video, shot by a passerby,  two policemen are seen apprehending Afifi and handcuffing him. Then, one of the policemen punches Afifi in the face.  A short time beforehand, one of the officers is seen in the video demanding that the camera be turned off.

Since it was posted on Youtube three days ago, the video has already been watched nearly 90,000 times.

The incident took place after a tense week at the Temple Mount, during which more than 20 Muslim Jerusalem residents were arrested on suspicion of disturbing the peace, throwing rocks and attacking policemen.

Following his arrest, Afifi was taken in for interrogation and released on Tuesday after posting bail. Palestinian news sites carried pictures of Afifi after his release, which show that his face is bruised and his eyes are swollen.

The police said the matter is under investigation.