WATCH: The In-flight Safety Video El Al Should Show

Tablet Magazine has the Levinson Brothers make a hilarious video for El Al in light of the multiple incidents in which flights were delayed after ultra-Orthodox passengers refused to sit next to women.

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The In-Flight Safety Video El Al Should ShowCredit: Vimeo

Over the past few weeks, multiple flights were delayed because ultra-Orthodox men refused to sit next to women.

In light of these incidents, Tablet Magazine had the Levinson Brothers, who made El Al's in-flight safety video, make a hilarious video poking fun at the phenomena and the airline.

While the phenomenon of lone Haredi men approaching female passengers is not new, and has in fact gone on for years, large groups of Haredim - upwards of 15-20 people in some instances - are reportedly attempting to secure blocs of seats for themselves. Their persistence is causing consternation and friction, while setting off a host of logistical problems during the course of some flights, according to a number of sources interviewed by Haaretz.

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