WATCH: IDF Footage of Attacks on Gaza in the Last 24 Hours

The Israel Air Force continued its bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip Wednesday, releasing footage of its aerial campaign.

- דלג

Latest updates:

4:30 P.M. A senior Israel Air Force officer says: "We are continuing to attack in great numbers in preparation of a possible deepening of the land operation. Tonight the air force continued to attack throughout the Gaza Strip and increased its activity rate compared with the last few days. Forces inside the Gaza Strip have widened their incursion even into the outskirts of inhabited areas in an attempt to locate more areas with tunnels. According to the senior officer, air force attacks are progressing towards Gaza City.

"We can see that the volume of long and medium range rocket fire is gradually decreasing, and more and more fire is falling within Gaza, directed at IDF forces. Much of this fire is falling in Palestinian territories," the officer said. He explained the change in the pattern of fire with IDF forces activity in the Gaza Strip, as well as, aerial activity against rocket launching sites, and Hamas' intention to manage their ammunition for prolonged combat. According to IAF data over 4,000 targets were attacked, nearly four times more than were attacked by the IAF during Operation Pillar of Defense. IAF says the activity of the Iron Dome is "an unprecedented achievement."

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