WATCH: Dermer on Obama and Kerry, 'We Just Disagree With Their Judgment'

Ron Dermer speaks to Fareed Zakaria on CNN about the tension between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama over the Iran deal and its fate in the U.S. Congress.

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Short transcript:

"There’s no question that this is the most important relationship in the world, and we are not eager in any way to have to be at odds on the most important policy priority of the president of the United States. That’s a big deal."

"But the survival of the state of Israel is also a big deal, and we believe that this deal threatens the survival of Israel."

"When the president and the US Secretary of State John Kerry, when they say they believe this deal is better for America and better for Israel, I have no doubt they are being sincere. We just disagree with their judgment. We think that this deal will endanger Israel’s security."