WATCH: Deadliest Single Bombing Yet in Gaza; Hamas Fires Biggest Yet Rocket Barrage at Tel Aviv

The home of a Gaza police chief was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike Saturday night killing 18 people, the same night Hamas militants launched their largest rocket attack on Tel Aviv to date.

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REUTERS Transcript  - This was the home of Gaza's police chief. At least 18 people lost their lives when it was bombed in an Israeli air strike on Saturday night. It's the single deadliest bombing since the start of Israel's offensive on Gaza. A Gaza Health Ministry spokesman said 45 people were wounded and others were still trapped beneath the rubble. The bombing came on the same day Hamas militants fired their largest salvo of rockets yet on Tel Aviv.

As Palestinians in the Gaza Strip awoke to another morning of rubble and debris from overnight air strikes Gaza medical officials said the death toll had risen to at least 145. They said the dead included at least 82 civilians, 25 of whom were children. Israel says it's aborted hundreds of strikes to avoid such casualties. It's accusing Hamas of putting civilian lives at risk by basing its weapons and gunmen in residential areas. There's been no response yet to UN calls for a ceasefire. Israel's put 20, 000 reservists on alert as it considers a ground invasion of Gaza among its options.

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