WATCH: CBN Goes Inside Sodastream's West Bank Plant

Christian Broadcast Network interviews SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum from inside his West Bank soda plant.

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The Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) went inside SodaStream's West Bank plant to report on how Israeli and Palestinian workers get along, including their reaction to the recent conflict in Gaza. CBN, founded in 1961 by Evangelical televangelist Pat Robertson, carries Christian-oriented television content and a news service, both on television and online.

SodaStream CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, is interviewed by CBN in the clip saying, "We are turning bullets into bubbles." Birnbaum was referring to SodaStream having refurbished an old Israeli munitions plant into its current soda factory.The interview focuses on SodaStream's goal of promoting peace and reconciliation through employing Israeli and Palestinian workers side by side "in harmony," in the words of SodaStream. 

Birnbaum claims to be the "largest employer of Palestinian people in the world, outside of the Palestinian Authority." However the report quickly highlights one wrinkle in SodaStream's project as, "Disturbances by some Palestinian employees during the fighting between Israel and Gaza led to the firing of dozens of Palestinians." But in the end, both the CBN reporter and Birnbaum agreed that Israelis and Palestinians working together "is a miracle" and gives them both "goosebumps."

Scarlett Johansson representing SodaStream
Courtesy of SodaStream