Watch: Bill Clinton Hitches a Ride Home From Israel With Obama, but Makes Him Wait

Video circulates of Obama urging Clinton on board Air Force One for the flight back to the U.S.

Screenshot of U.S. President Barack Obama offering former president Bill Clinton a ride home in Air Force One.
Screenshot/Sky News

Bill Clinton's trip to Israel for Shimon Peres' funeral  may have been too short for the former American leader.  

In fact, it seems he wanted to stay longer. It was Clinton's ride home - Barack Obama and Air Force One - who had to remind him that not all presidents are retired and have the leisure of lengthy goodbyes.

Video from Ben Gurion International Airport quickly spread on social media showing Obama entering the presidential aircraft and reappearing with a loose tie, impatiently, but ever gracefully, trying to get Bill on board. 

Clinton had arrived in Israel alongside Jewish billionaire Chaim Saban in his private jet. It was unclear why Saban didn't fly the former president back home.

Good thing Clinton had more than one friend at this outing, but hopefully Obama didn't regret his friendly gesture the entire way home.