WATCH: Americans Try Israeli Snacks While NOT Making a Political Statement

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Image from the video 'American trying Israeli snacks for the first time' from Clickhole.comCredit: Screen grab

"All right, here it goes," says an American girl as she opens a package of crunchy Bissli treat and readies herself for her first taste of the Israeli snack in a video satirizing the now-common genre of exotic food tasting videos as well as the current political climate in which all things Israeli are controversial. 

The video "Americans try Israeli Snacks" shows young American men and women venturing into the unknown territory of snacks like Bamba, Bissli and Fruitjellies gummy bears, while captions cheekily note to the viewers that the hilarious ensuing reactions are, simply, a "celebration of snacks. Nothing more." 

"This basically just tastes like nothing," one man says of Bamba, before tossing up the peanut butter-flavored puff up in the air and catching it in his mouth.

While faces generally pucker or look confused, smiles beam across the board at the chocolate-covered matzah.    

"If this is how they eat in Israel," a panelist says, "I'm booking my tickets today."

A disclaimer then that the tasters positive or negative opinions of the food does not reflect on "Judaism, Islam, Gaza, genocide, racism, sovereignty" or any other political hot topic related the Israeli-Arab conflict.