WATCH: As It Happened, 6 Videos From Anti-racism Protests by Ethiopian-Israelis

Dozens of people were injured, many of them police officers. Police made 43 arrests. Later, police stated that 56 police officers were lightly wounded in the protest, and one was moderately wounded.

Ethiopian Israelis clash with police officers in a protest in Tel Aviv, May 4, 2015.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

The protest began near the Kaplan Interchange, where protesters blocked major arteries and junctions, including the Ayalon South freeway and Hashalom Interchange, as well as surrounding streets. Protesters also marched along Derech Begin towards the train station but were blocked by police.

Protesters block Israel's largest freeway

CCTV  correspondent Stephanie Freid injured when a stun grenade hit her in the head during the protest at Rabin Square

Protesters overturn a police car near the intersection of Sderot Ben Gurion and Malkhei Y'Israel  

Google street view of where the police car was overturned

Police spray water cannons and use tear gas to disperse the protesters in Rabin Square in central Tel Aviv

Google street view from the center of Rabin Square

Israeli police release footage of protesters clashing with police

CNN report compares protests to scenes from Baltimore in the United States