WATCH: World's Smallest Bible, Made in Jerusalem

You can now get the New Testament on a three-millimeter chip.

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A Jerusalem company is marketing what it calls the smallest bible in the world.

Jerusalem Nano Bible announced it has developed its version of the New Testament on a three-millimeter chip in cooperation with Tel Aviv University's Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. "The chip is in fact a bible book for all practical purposes and can be examined through a special microscope in any nanotechnology labs," according to the company's website.

The company is seeking validation from Guinness World Records as the smallest bible in the world, according to the Daily Mail. According to the Mail, all 27 books of the New Testament were printed on the face of one square chip, each chip measuring a width of about 0.18 microns, or 18 millionths of a meter.

"Our aim is to be able to mass produce it and cater to really every pocket," David Almog, head of the company's marketing and sales department, told Reuters. "Because of this application, the smallest bible in the world, Jerusalem Nano Bible, can be applied to infinite possibilities in the jewelry industry."

The company said it is planning to follow up with a nano-sized Old Testament, The Daily Mail added.

The Jerusalem Nano Bible, worn as jewelry.Credit: Reuters