Violent Clashes Erupt Between Police and Palestinians at East Jerusalem Funeral

Palestinians attend funeral of Milad Said Ayyash, 17, who died of wounds sustained in Friday protests near Silwan; police arrest Palestinians attempting to break into settler's house near the site of his shooting.

Two Palestinians were wounded Saturday as violent clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli security forces during the funeral procession of the teenager who was shot during protests in East Jerusalem on Friday.

Police arrested four Palestinians who attempted to break into a settler's house in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Yonatan, near where Milad Said Ayyash, 17, was shot on Friday.

Palestinians riot May 14, 2011
Emil Salman

The funeral procession left Ayyash's hometown of Ras al-Amud toward the cemetery near the Temple Mount. Expecting further demonstrations in response to his death, Israeli police have been deployed heavily throughout the city.

The Palestinians were reportedly wounded by rubber bullets fired by Israeli police.

Ayyash was hospitalized in critical condition in East Jerusalem Al-Mukassad hospital shortly after he was shot in the stomach on Friday. The doctors said he had no pulse when he arrived, and had already lost a great deal of blood.

Milad Said Ayyash

He died of his wounds on Saturday morning.

A Palestinian activist told Haaretz that Ayyash was allegedly shot by a security guard near Beit Yonatan in East Jerusalem. Leftist actvists said the guard shot him after a Molotov cocktail was hurled in the direction of the neighborhood which has been the site of growing tension over the last few years.

Tensions are high in East Jerusalem as Palestinians prepare to mourn on Sunday the creation of Israel in 1948, which they call the "Nakba", or catastrophe, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled or were forced to leave their homes.

IDF soldiers and Palestinians clashed on Friday throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem, days before planned demonstrations to commemorate the Nakba on Sunday.

Mild clashes between the IDF and Palestinians erupted in Jerusalem, in Silwan, Isawiya and in the Old City. Israel police forces arrested 11 protesters.

An Israeli security official told Haaretz that Friday's clashes were part of the routine protests in the West Bank, and expressed satisfaction with the Palestinian security at the protests.