WATCH: Jon Stewart to Apologize After 'Sloppy Mistake' on Police Brutality

The Daily Show tweeted that a 'TV apology is coming Monday' for equating the shooting death of a California man to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Daily Show Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart host of the Daily Show Screengrab

In a recent episode of the "The Daily Show," comedian Jon Stewart compared different incidents of U.S. police shooting young black men. In the segment, Stewart quipped, "The point is, these shootings are clearly not a manifestation of systemic inequality and mistrust between the African American community and the somehow always justified police American community. But these are merely an unending, bizarrely similar series of isolated incidents.”

Of the incidents Stewart mentioned, one was the shooting of 36-year-old Dante Parker of Victorville, California. The District Attorney for San Bernardino County, Mike Ramos, immediately took issue with the comparison and uploaded a video to YouTube accusing Stewart of getting his 'facts wrong' and unfairly demonizing police.

Ramos noted that in Parker's case he was not shot, but instead tasered by a female officer who 'was losing the struggle' against Parker. Parker was taken to hospital and “we later learned that he was under the influence of many types of drugs, which was the cause of his death,” Ramos noted.


In response to Ramos, "The Daily Show" tweeted, "You're right re Dante Parker. Sloppy to put him in our list of shootings. TV apology coming Monday...Larger point still stands."