WATCH: 'Israeli Opposition Leader Endorses Netanyahu's Military Strategy' on CNN

Labor Party leader and Israel's opposition leader Isaac Herzog spoke with CNN's Wolf Blitzer voicing support for Prime Minister Netanyahu's handling of the current conflict with Gaza.

CNN Transcript:

ISAAC HERZOG, OPPOSITION LEADER, ISRAEL: Despite the fact that I'm the opposition leader, first and foremost, I must say, Benjamin Netanyahu has taken the right decision. I think he was very restrained, very cautious, very focused, and we gave him full backing for all the steps, including the decision to accept the cease-fire that the Egyptians offered today.

BLITZER (on camera): Because there are some Israelis on the left, and your labor party's on the left, who said six hours was not enough. They should have given them 12 hours, 24 hours. What would have been the problem if they would have given Hamas more time to come around and accept a cease-fire?

HERZOG: I'm -- look, I'm the leader of the peace camp in Israel. I definitely believe in going forward boldly to peace with the Abu Mazin, with the Palestinian authority. However, the bad guys in this story are Hamas.