Video Shows Israeli Troops Repeatedly Shooting Fallen Palestinian Assailant

Two Israeli officers were lightly hurt Friday after a young Palestinian stabbed them in the Old City's Damascus Gate; Al Jazeera video shows what happens in the minutes after the attack.

Screen-grab from Al Jazeera video of Damascus Gate assailant being shot dead in Jerusalem's Old City
Video / Al Jazeera

Documentation of a Friday stabbing attack at Jerusalem's Old City in which two Border Police officers were lightly wounded shows that the assailant was shot many times by Israeli officers, even after he already lay on the ground, before succumbing to his wounds.

The attacker, 20-year-old Mohammad Abu Khalaf from Kafr Aqab in East Jerusalem, arrived at the Damascus Gate where he was checked by a Border Police force stationed there. According to assessments, he equipped himself with a knife in the Old City and then returned to the gate to attack the security forces. Upon his return, he charged one of the offices with the knife and stabbed him in the head.

"I managed to push him off and moved aside so the other officers could shoot him," he said. Another officer began wrestling Abu Khalaf and sustained a wound to his hand. At this stage, policemen managed to shoot him and the Palestinian fell to the ground.

A television crew from Al Jazeera was present at the scene and filmed the subsequent shooting. In the video, the officers can be seen firing a number of bullets at Abu Khalaf. The shooting continues for a number of seconds, and the officers can be seen shooting at their attacker even after he is on the ground. A 50-year-old Palestinian woman who was nearby was lightly wounded after being hit by errant fire.  

Video from Al Jazeera of Damascus Gate assailant being shot dead in Jerusalem's Old City Al Jazeera

Border Police commander Deputy Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai praised the officers: "You acted with bravery and I salute you. I am proud of your professionalism. The speed of your response and its accuracy are what ended this terror attack within seconds."

On Saturday, a Palestinian youth was arrested in the Old City's Damascus Gate after attempting to stab a police officer. No one was injured in the incident, which began when the forces approached the 18-year-old, who then pulled a knife and was immediately overtaken and arrested.