Israel Police Shot Palestinian in East Jerusalem When Not Threatened, Video Purportedly Shows

The video shows the incident at Shoafat refugee camp, where the victim was seen lying on the ground near a halted vehicle before a subsequent shot was heard. A police officer standing near the victim is believed to have fired the shot.

Palestinians surround the car of Mustafa Nimer, who Israeli police initially said attempted to ram policemen and was consequently shot and killed in Shoafat near Jerusalem September 5, 2016.
Ammar Awad, Reuters

A new video aired by Israel's Channel 10 news on Wednesday appears to support suspicions that Israel Police officers who shot and killed Palestinian Mustafa Nimr in East Jerusalem this week continued to fire their weapons, even after Nimr's vehicle stopped and posed no threat to them.

The video shows the incident, which occured in the Shoafat refugee camp, after Nimr and the car's driver, his cousin Ali, were shot and wounded before the vehicle came to a halt. Ali is then seen lying on the floor before a subsequent gunshot is heard.  A police officer standing near Ali is believed to have fired the shot. 

On Monday, police suspected that the two men from Shoafat were planning to carry out a car-ramming attack, but a day later retracted their claim and said that they were looking into other leads.

Police asked to extend Ali Nimir's detention by a week at the first hearing to extend his remand, which occured while he was hospitalized. Police accused him of traffic violations, including driving without a license, driving while intoxicated and reckless endangerment with a vehicle.

In another twist, police now suspect Ali Nimr of being responsible for his cousin's death. A statement by the police did not provide details of the case against Nimr, but it appears that he is suspected of killing of his 27-year-old cousin, as his driving is seen as what caused policemen to open fire at the car.