Israeli Trooper Filmed Pushing Disabled Palestinian to the Ground

Incident appears to have occurred during riots after an attempted terror attack in Hebron.

Screenshot from a video showing a Border Police officer pushing a disabled Palestinian to the ground in Hebron.
Shehab news agency

An Israeli Border Police officer was filmed pushing a wheelchair-bound Palestinian after an attempted stabbing attack in Hebron on Sunday.

Several Palestinians gathered closed to the scene of the attack, near the Tomb of the Patriarchs, attempting to approach the Palestinian assailant who was shot and seriously wounded by Israeli forces.

A video documenting the moments after the attack shows Israeli forces pushing away and shouting at the Palestinians approaching the scene. After a few minutes, a Border Police officer is seen pushing a wheelchair-bound man to the ground, and his head hits the pavement. Several Palestinians approach, and the video shows another officer trying to kick another Palestinian away. Then it seems as if a stun grenade is thrown, and the Palestinians are seen running away.

#شاهداعتداء قوات الاحتلال على شخص من ذوي الإعاقة ٲثناء تواجده قرب المكان التي أطلقت فيها النار على الفتاة ياسمين زرو التميمي وتوجيههم السلاح بشكل مباشر على المواطنين

Posted by Shehab News Agency on Sunday, 14 February 2016

After the terror attack, the Border Police reported that riots erupted in the area, and that officers repelled the Palestinians using crowd dispersal means. Apparently the Palestinians seen in the video, which was shot by locals, were trying to reach the assailant who was hit by gunfire. 

A Border Police spokesperson said that the video has been given to the Justice Ministry department for the investigation of police officers, which has launched an investigation.