VIDEO / IDF Film Shows 'Hezbollah Evacuating Illegal Arms From Lebanon Blast Site'

Israeli drone video apparently shows militants removing missiles from south Lebanon village after huge explosion on Friday.

The army on Sunday released video footage of an explosion that tore through a building in southern Lebanon on Friday – with pictures apparently showing rockets and weapons stored by Hezbollah militants in contravention of a United Nations resolution.

The new Israel Defense Forces film, shot from an unmanned drone aircraft ,shows the aftermath of the blast, which ripped through a three-story building on in the Shi'ite Muslim village of Shehabiyeh Friday lunchtime, wounding at least five.

Exchange of fire on the border between Israel and Lebanon - August 3, 2010
Reuters / Karamallah Daher
Israeli intelligence officers have long seen the village, which lies south of the River Litani,  as a nerve center for Hezbollah operations and the building destroyed by the explosion is believed to belong to the armed group, which fought a month-long war with Israel in 2006.
UN Security Council resolution 1701, signed in the aftermath of the 2006 war, forbids Hezbollah from storing any arms south of the river.
The explosion blew away part of the roof of the building, without damaging most of what appears to be a weapons cache stored there. Following the blast, dozens of people can be seen apparently covering building's exposed contents with canvas, before removing weapons from the building.
Some of the equipment was removed soon after the blast to two nearby villages, with the remainder transfered under the cover of darkness to a mosque in the Nabatiyeh area north of the Litani, which Israeli intelligence officers say also functions as a "significant" military base, the IDF said.
According to Israeli intelligence officials, who say they were aware of the arms cache before Friday's explosion, weapons stored at the building included 107mm short-range rockets and longer-range 122mm rockets.
The blast was the third at Hezbollah storage facilities in 15 months. Lebanese press reports blamed Israel for all three explosions.