UN Disqualifies Parts of Israeli Exhibit, Israeli Envoy Says

Calling the decision 'outrageous' the Israeli ambassador to the world body, Danny Danon, accuses the organization of undermining country's existence as a Jewish homeland.

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The United Nations has disqualified about a quarter of Israel’s displays for an exhibition opening on Monday at the organization's main headquarters, Danny Danon, Israel's ambassador to the world body, said on Sunday.

Three out of 13 displays were ruled out, including one about Jerusalem, another about Israel's Arab population and another about Zionism, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The poster for the Jerusalem exhibit presents which presents the city as a capital of the Jewish people says the Jews are "indigenous" and have "maintained a continuous presence in the land since 1000 BC."

The display on Israeli Arabs calls them “the largest minority in Israel, making up 20 percent of Israel’s population” and describes them as “equal citizens under the law in Israel.”

Zionism is described as “the liberation movement of the Jewish people, who sought to overcome 1,900 years of oppression and regain self-determination in their indigenous homeland.”

Danon called the decision "outrageous" and urged that the exhibits be permitted to go ahead. "By disqualifying an exhibition about Zionism the UN is undermining the very existence of the State of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people," he told Israeli media. 

Danon also reportedly accused the UN of trying to censor that "Jerusalem is Israel's eternal capital." Most of the world does not recognize the city as Israel's capital, nor Israel's capture of East Jerusalem in a 1967 war and its subsequent annexation of the area. Palestinians want Jerusalem to be capital of a state they want to establish in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“Anti-Israel resolutions in the main bodies of the UN have become a sad, albeit common, phenomenon,” said Shahar Azani, executive director of StandWithUs in New York, the organization which provided the displays. 

"The UN has once again exposed its deep bias against the State of Israel,” she was quoted as saying.