UN Delays Gaza Flotilla Report, Following Request by Turkey

Move comes day before Palmer report into 2010 IDF raid on Gaza flotilla was due to be published; Turkey says Israel also requested delay.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday agreed to a request by Turkey to delay the publication of a report on the events of an Israel Defense Forces raid on a flotilla bound for Gaza, in which nine Turkish activists died during clashes with Israeli troops.

The UN investigative committee into the raid, headed by Geoffrey Palmer, had been due to publish the report Tuesday.

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News Agencies

But Turkey turned to the UN chief, Israel, and the United States on Sunday, asking to delay the publication of the report by seven to ten days. The U.S. showed support for the delay, and Israel did not express opposition. According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman, Israel has also asked the UN to delay the report.

An Israeli official said that a delay of the report would allow the renewal of Israel-Turkey negotiations aimed at ending the diplomatic crisis between the two countries, and to try to word an Israeli apology to Turkey that would be acceptable by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Last Wednesday, Netanyahu told U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that Israel definitely will not apologize to Turkey for the events of the raid on the Gaza flotilla.