U.S. Network to Adapt Israeli TV Show Set on Army Base

The ten episode series '68 Whisky' follows a group of army medics is based on the popular Israeli series 'Charlie Golf One'

The Paramount cable network has ordered 10 episodes of “68 Whiskey,” a comedy-drama based on a popular Israeli series called “Charlie Golf One.”

Trailer for 'Charlie Golf One'

“68 Whiskey” will focus on a multicultural group of army medics stationed at a base in Afghanistan nicknamed The Orphanage. It is, according to the network’s description, “a dangerous and Kafkaesque world that leads to self-destructive appetites, outrageous behavior and occasionally a profound sense of purpose.”

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“Charlie Golf One” is also about a battalion aid station. Its facility is the most desirable place on a desert army base if for no other reason other than it is air conditioned. There is plenty of “M*A*S*H”-type humor to go around.

“Charlie Golf One” originated at Israel’s Yes TV network, where the Netflix hit “Fauda” aired. It had a successful 40-show run and is currently in production for its second season.

At Paramount, “68 Whiskey” will be written by Roberto Benabib, the Emmy-nominated creative force behind the Showtime hit “Weeds” and the HBO series “The Brink.” Zion Rubin, who created the Israeli series, will executive produce.