U.K. Court Upholds Ban Against Islamic Leader in Israel, Sheikh Ra’ad Salah

Salah appealed against June decision to ban him from U.K., but immigration tribunal rules he is likely to incite hatred and should not be allowed in Britain.

A U.K. immigration tribunal ruled Thursday in favor of upholding the ban against leader of the northern wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel Sheikh Ra’ad Saleh on charges of inciting hatred.

A report in the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph newspaper said that the tribunal overruled his appeal against Home Secretary Theresa May’s decision to ban his entry to the U.K. in June this year.

Sheikh Ra’ad Salah - Ilan Assayag - 07.07.2011
Ilan Assayag

“In the balancing exercise necessary for any consideration of proportionality, great weight must be attached to the public interest of preventing disorder or crime,” the Daily Telegraph reported the tribunal as concluding.

“We are satisfied that the appellant has engaged in the unacceptable behavior of fostering hatred which might lead to intercommunity violence in the U.K. We are satisfied that the appellant’s words and actions tend to be inflammatory, divisive, insulting and likely to foment tension and radicalism. They deal with issues which are highly sensitive in the context of the Israeli/Palestinian dispute,” the court added according to the Telegraph report.

Salah has five days from Thursday’s to appeal the decision, the newspaper said.

Salah was arrested June 29 in London after spending several days in the country lecturing before Britain's Arab and Muslim communities. He had been invited to Britain by a Palestinian research institute for a series of lectures.

Salah also was scheduled to meet with British parliamentarians.

British authorities said Salah was arrested after he violated a ban on his entry into Britain issued against him for incitement and endangering national security.