U.K. Court Outlines Terms for Release of Israel's Islamic Movement Leader

Israel-based leader Sheikh Ra'ad Salah to be granted bail on condition he wear electronic tag, observe night-time curfew, report to immigration officials, stay at home of friend.

After two weeks in detention, a London high court ruled that Islamic leader Sheikh Ra'ad Salah is to be released on Monday, however he must adhere to strict conditions and his appeal to remain in the U.K. remains in question.

At a hearing Friday, Judge Nicholas Stadlen said that Salah would be granted bail on condition that he wear an electronic tag, observe a night-time curfew, report daily to immigration officials and stay at the home of a friend in London. The court added that they wanted to verify his London address before releasing him. The judge also banned Salah from "public speaking."

Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement's northern branch
Tess Scheflan

Salah arrived in London for a speaking tour late last month, and was able to go through Heathrow airport security without any problems, despite a travel ban which was meant to bar him from entering the country.

On June 28th however, after giving the first two of his scheduled speeches and appearances, he was arrested for being in the country illegally and put in detention.

The hearing Friday was his second attempt to be released on bail.

At the hearing, a group of 50 people protested peacefully outside, and Sarah Colborne, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, told Al Jazeera that many were “shocked and horrified that a Palestinian leader can be held like this.”

"They gave no valid reason why bail was denied last week,” she stressed, pointing out that while the British interior ministry has said there was a ban order on Salah, it has yet to clarify when or why it was imposed.

Salah's lawyer has maintained throughout that his client is being wrongly accused and that he is “a man of peace.” He also accused the U.K. government of turning its back on the Palestinians.